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With cold weather already making an appearance in the Dallas area, we thought we’d provide some winter HVAC tips to help you stay warm with and prevent the need for heater repair. You can view our HVAC Specials or contact us for more information.

Operating a dirty furnace or one that isn’t properly tuned can cause damage to the furnace. It will definitely cause your utility bills to be higher because the HVAC system will have to work harder to produce the desired temperature.

While we recommend you call a professional to provide a full diagnosis of your system, there are a few items you can check yourself.

  1. Before performing any maintenance, turn off the system and wait for the blower to stop.
  2. Check your air filter and replace it if needed. We recommend you replace the filter every spring and every fall. Check the filter monthly between changes to make sure it isn’t dirty.
  3. Move any object around the furnace to different locations. Items around the furnace can be a fire hazard and cause an obstruction in the air supply
  4. Listen for noises while your heater is running. Furnaces that aren’t running efficiently often produce odd noises. Set your thermostat to HEAT and turn it up above the current room temperature. Wait for the unit to come on and listen for any odd noises.
  5. Pay close attention to any unusual odors, especially if you have a gas furnace.

Don’t forget to turn your heat down when no one is home, fill any cracks in your doors or windows, put weather stripping around doors or windows and use a space heater where possible.

If you have any concerns or questions about your furnace or HVAC system, contact us today. We serve the entire Dallas area, including Highland Park and University Park.