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Air Scrubber Plus®

Did you know that the level of indoor air contaminants is often higher than outdoors?

We, at Eastin Heating & Air, have been keeping indoor air fresh, clean and healthy with our air scrubber plus installation in McKinney for decades. Our cutting-edge filtration systems will reduce harmful mold in your air to near zero.

A Healthy Family:
Air Purification in McKinney TX

Mold and indoor contaminants can be a much more serious problem than most people realize. However, this problem is easily solved with a relatively inexpensive air scrubber plus installation in McKinney. Our system cleans the air coming through your HVAC system so you and your family (literally) breathe easier at night.

Here are some air quality problems that our effective system removes:

• Mold
• Bacteria
• Cigarette smoke

Our easily installed system of air purification in McKinney TX cleans your air without the use of chemicals. Thus, it’s safe and non-toxic, leaving your air virtually contaminant-free! Our Air Scrubber Plus® system is easy and fast to install and you reap the health benefits for decades to come.

Get Rid of Dust… for Good!

Another interesting fact: An average home fills up with 40 pounds of dust in a year!

We know our valued customers will avoid breathing all that dust when they’re well informed. Eastin will make fresh, clean air, an instant reality for you and your family with our best-in-class air purification in McKinney TX. We’ve been making homes in Texas healthier and more comfortable since 1984 and we’ve become the trusted name in HVAC-related quality.


Best in the Business

Our professional crews are the best in the business and they’re always respectful of cleanliness in your home. Here are some great reasons to have Eastin perform your air scrubber plus installation in McKinney for healthy air in your home: 

  • Immediate response times.
  • Eastin never charges overtime.
  • We’re available for you 24/7!
  • 10-year parts and labor warranty on all systems installed by us.
  • The best and friendliest technicians in the HVAC business

Eastin Heating & Air is an A+ rated business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we work hard to maintain our sterling reputation. Let’s install your air purification in McKinney TX right away… the sooner, the better!

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It’s time to make sure your indoor air is healthy by reducing mold, bacteria, dust, dander and harmful microorganisms by as much as 99%! Call us with any questions regarding our air scrubber plus installation in McKinney.

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We also do repairs and maintenance on your HVAC system in addition to air purification in McKinney TX. Contact Eastin Heating & Air today at 972-278-0613. We think you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive this valuable option is and how quickly our friendly, professional team will have you up and running.

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