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Air Scrubber Plus®

Creating a Beautiful Home with Pure, Clean Air Using Air Scrubber Plus®

If you want cutting-edge air filtration systems that are easy to use and guaranteed to make your home’s air cleaner and healthier than ever before, it’s time to call us at Eastin Heating & Air to learn more about Air Scrubber Plus®.

The Air Scrubber Plus® line of products sets the bar in air filtration. It actively cleans the air coming through your central HVAC system, making it cleaner than you get with any other system. It’s so effective that it can reduce mold issues all over your home — on doorknobs, on countertops, in the bathroom and anywhere else you have consistent mold buildup. That’s your clear evidence of just how pure the air becomes.

A Natural System

Not only does the Air Scrubber Plus® work so well, but it is a natural system that cleans the air without chemicals. It’s safe and non-toxic. It’s a long-term solution you can feel good about when you want to remove things like:

  • Mold
  • Bacteria
  • Cigarette smoke

Air Scrubber Plus® has been shown to reduce these issues by as much as 99%, leaving your home virtually contaminant-free.

The air in your home is hazardous

Remember, the air in your home is more hazardous than you realize. In some studies, researchers have determined that contaminant levels are higher inside than they are outside. These contaminants get trapped in the home, and they can include bacteria, dander, dust and microorganisms. In other studies, homes filled with 40 pounds of dust annually. All of that gets cycled through a traditional HVAC system over and over, but Air Scrubber Plus® pulls those contaminants out and changes the air your family breathes.

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