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Quality Attic Insulation

How much money do you spend each month, year after year, on your energy bill? When you think about these numbers in the aggregate, the cost can really surprise you! At Eastin Heating & Air, we’d like to remind you that your energy bill could be much lower… and for many years to come. Our attic-insulation service in McKinney, TX is renowned for providing results. Furthermore, that’s been the case for over three decades.

Two Important Things About Your New Attic-Insulation Installer in McKinney, TX

When people talk about insulation, it’s often followed by a short nap. It’s just not that interesting to most people. However, when people talk about saving thousands of dollars each year — that might perk you up! Here are two important things you need to know about our attic-insulation service in McKinney, TX:

  1. Your attic may not have enough insulation to lessen the effect of outside temperatures.
  2. Your attic may have multiple air leaks that are easily sealed with the right tools.

The two points listed above can apply to even the best-constructed homes. Let’s minimize the amount of time your heating and cooling systems (sometimes called “HVAC systems”) must be turned on. Our attic-insulation service in McKinney, TX will save you significant money on your energy bills each month.

Let’s Check and See

Give Eastin Heating & Air a call to check for leaks and proper insulation. We think you’ll be happy with our inexpensive service and agree with the Better Business Bureau’s assessment in giving us the coveted A+ rating. We’ve been around since 1984, safeguarding the air quality, comfort and energy efficiency of Texas homes with our attic-insulation service in McKinney, TX.

There’s nothing in the area of HVAC, energy efficiency or air quality that your dedicated attic-insulation installer in McKinney, TX can’t do. We employ the most knowledgeable and friendly technicians in the business and they’re a pleasure to work with. At Eastin Heating & Air, we demand nothing but the best, and we think our customers feel the same way!


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We know most folks don’t think (often) about the energy-saving properties of their attic. However, it can benefit your whole family to quickly attend to it.

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Find out how inexpensive it is to secure the integrity of your attic with the best attic-insulation installer in McKinney, TX.

In addition to our important role as attic-insulation installer in McKinney, TX, we provide a wide-range of important services that relate to your energy bills and health:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Service
  • AC and Heating Installation
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Energy Audit
  • Blower Door Test
  • Quality Air Filtration System (Rid your air of 99% of harmful contaminants)
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