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To keep a high home energy efficiency level, we’ve listed some HVAC products or services below like a blower door test or an attic tent. Eastin Air has provided quality service to the Dallas area for over 25 years.

Air Infiltration. Seal all non airtight recessed can lights. There is a retrofit to your existing can lights. It replaces the trim with a cone shaped insert with a gasket on the end, which will seal off air flow. Energy Star states that on average they cost about $15.00 per year in heating and cooling cost alone.

Older can lights have small openings in them. These openings add up to a lot of open air movement from the attic and walls directly into the home. The air that moves in is dusty, hot and full of humidity. You will notice less dust and feel more comfortable.
Attic Tent. Seal and insulate pull-down stairway with an attic tent. An Attic Tent is a brand of product designed for this purpose. It is a reflective, insulated, zip open bag that is sealed to the attic floor. The steps fold up into it and then when attic access is needed you simply pull down the stairs and unzip the tent.

This will seal off any air movement from the attic as well as insulate the door. This uninsulated door allows rapid heat transfer into the home.

Seal Plumbing at wall under sinks. Using caulk or expanding foam, seal air infiltration under sink cabinets.

Seal HVAC closet from the living area. This closet is allowing attic air to be drawn into the living area and has the potential to
bring in carbon monoxide when vent fans are running. The above items deal with air infiltration. Air infiltration can account for about 30%
of heating and cooling cost according to national research. A blower door test would show that these areas need attention. Reducing air infiltration can significantly reduce energy usage while increasing home comfort. Reducing air movement from the attic can make a big difference in IAQ (indoor air quality). This is very important, especially with young children and adults that are more susceptible to respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, and allergies. The EPA ranks IAQ as the 5th leading causes of health problems in the US.

Insulation blanket to water heater. Wrap water heater with an R-8 insulation blanket. This will reduce the number of times your water heater has to run during a day to keep water hot.

Clean Dryer and Dryer vent. Dirty dryer vent lines increase drying time, increase energy cost and are a fire hazard. Dryers and dryer vents account for about 15,000 fires annually. This should be done every year or two. The above improvements will pay for themselves over time and are the most relevant to comfort and energy savings.

Clean all ducts with our RotoBrush system. This includes removing and cleaning the grills. We then use an anti-microbial/anti-fungal fogger to sanitize the systems. Once complete, we will seal the sheetrock, before reinstalling the grill. Once the inside of the duct work has been contaminated, it allows dust, mold and pollutants to re-circulate around the house. As with air infiltration, cleaning your ducts will also improve indoor air quality.