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As we help our customers in the Dallas area with AC RepairAC Maintenance and the installation of new air conditioner units, we see many homeowners doing things that can hurt their AC unit. Some of these items they do on a regular basis, probably without knowing it. Other items are a little harder to determine and probably outside the knowledge of the average homeowner in the Dallas area.

Bad Air Ducts

Leaky ducts are a major cause of AC units failing. Ducts move the air through your home and are housed in the attic of most Dallas homes. If you have a duct leak, cold air is slipping out into the attic and it isn’t reaching the desired destination….you. There is definitely a particular way a duct should be put together, so make sure yours is done properly or hire someone knowledgeable to check for you.

Not Enough Air Conditioner Refrigerant

When your home isn’t as cool as you want it to be, it is usually do to the AC unit having low refrigerant. We get many calls at the beginning of the summer from customers saying their AC is running, but the home isn’t cooling as much as it should. There could be several issues that are causing this, but many times it is because the AC unit is low on refrigerant. If you have the wrong amount of charge in your Dallas AC unit, it can cause a 20% to 30% decrease in efficiency for the unit.

Using the Wrong Air Conditioner Filter

Most Dallas homeowners know that they need to change their air filter on a regular basis. However, many will change it with the wrong filter. Be sure to check the compatibility of your filter before you install it. If you install the wrong type or size, it will cause your AC unit to struggle and become less efficient. In some cases, if the filter is not allowing proper air flow, the entire AC unit will shut down. You can avoid this by getting a quality air filter for your AC unit.

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