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At Eastin Heating & Air, we’re always reminding our customers of great ways to save money on their energy bills. Additionally, many of our services also help the environment by significantly reducing your energy consumption year after year. Our radiant barrier installation in McKinney, TX is one of our popular services that creates many benefits for you and your home. What is radiant barrier installation, you may ask?

Trusted Radiant Barrier Installation Company in McKinney, TX

Let’s permanently reduce your utility bill! You could save thousands of dollars per year with help from your new radiant barrier installation company in McKinney, TX. We’re referring to our insulation system that reflects a significant amount of heat back out into the environment. It’s a layer of metallic film facing the open space of an interior area (like an attic, for example).

Here are some interesting facts about our quality radiant barrier installation in McKinney, TX:

  1. Radiant barrier does not trap moisture.
  2. It greatly improves the efficiency of your insulation.
  3. It can save a whopping 15% on your cooling costs!
  4. It can lower your attic temperature by 30 degrees.
  5. It can improve AC/heating duct performance by up to 50%.
  6. It’s NOT the same as cheap, spray-on radiant barrier products, which are ineffective.
  7. Again, spray-on does not work — and it causes excessive aluminum dust.

Your radiant barrier installation in McKinney, TX is going to provide a massive cost savings and prolong the life of your ducts and HVAC system. It’s wonderful to see our customers save thousands of dollars per year when employing materials and techniques that are fairly quick to install.

Additional Facts About Radiant Barrier…

We install radiant barrier over your existing insulation (or new insulation that Eastin can easily install). Think of it like a blanket with a rigorously-tested metallic coating. It’s not similar to the foil that’s often attached to fiberglass. In fact, as a leading radiant barrier installation company in McKinney, TX, we get that question all the time!

Your energy savings can be even higher than previously stated (saving you loads of money) depending on the following factors:

  • Site
  • Climate
  • Lifestyle
  • Family size
  • Building configuration
  • Quality of building materials
  • And more…

Thus, energy savings with our radiant barrier installation in McKinney, TX could be up to 25% for many folks! We’re happy to quickly evaluate your home and describe the benefits that radiant barrier will provide for you. Furthermore, we have the friendliest technicians in the business… always highly respectful of your home.

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