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There are many reasons for improving your home energy efficiency. We’ll go over a few products and services that we offer at Eastin Air and provide the reason they make your home more energy efficient.

Radiant barrier to the underside of your roof deck using tear resistant foil type. This is stapled to the bottom of the roof joist.
Radiant barrier can lower your attic temperature by 40 degrees, improve HVAC duct performance up to 50% (duct work and AC unit is not subjected to the extra heat of the attic), does not trap moisture, low heat re-emission, reflects radiant heat away from living areas, improves efficiency of insulation and will save an average of 10 –15% on cooling costs. Foil radiant barrier typically reflects solar radiation a minimum of 22% better than painted or sprayed on radiant barrier.

Insulation and seal all plumbing and electrical penetrations in the attic. This will increase the insulation value of your home. We recommend an R-38 value, which is the current minimum requirement for new homes in this area. R-49 is what the Department of Energy recommends for this area. Insulation will lower your energy costs and allow your home to stay at a more even temperature for better efficiency and comfort. Your HVAC will run less and last longer. Sealing attic penetrations will stop most air movement through the walls and ceiling into
the living areas by way of electrical outlets, switches, and other openings in the sheet rock.
Ventilation. Without proper ventilation, tremendous heat builds up in the attic. This heat is then transferred into the living areas. Insulation slows down this movement, but heat still travels into the living areas. Proper ventilation allows air movement to exhaust this hot air build up and allow the insulation to do its job. Ventilation should be by way of soffit vents down low in the soffit, or overhang of the roof, and ventilation in the upper areas of the roof, by way of ridge vent, gable vents, passive vents, wind driven vents, electric powered fans, or solar powered fans.
Radiant barrier, insulation, and ventilation all work together as a unit. Each one individually does a good job, but as a package, they really make a difference. These measures will pay for themselves. Year after year, you will reap the benefits of lower utilities and a more comfortable home. These three items can immediately save as much as 30% on heating and cooling costs. Not only are you investing in your comfort, reducing your energy costs, you are also increasing your home’s potential resale value.

Seal duct work connections, splices, air handler seams, and plenum with permanent mastic on your old unit.
The home loses heated/cooled air to the attic and draws hot/cold air through the return. A duct system should not leak at all. Even the smallest hole in your return duct would be like opening a window from your living areas to your attic, due to the negative pressure that sucks air through your unit. The air that moves in is dusty and full of humidity, causing your AC unit to work harder.

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