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Why should you have regular A/C maintenance? Air conditioner units loose about 5% of their efficiency per year of operation. This means your unit is running less efficient and causing you more money. Ultimately it will cause your AC unit to have a shorter life span and be replaced earlier than normal.

Fortunately you can retain up to 95%, according to studies, of your air conditioner unit efficiency by having regular maintenance, tune-ups or services preformed.

One of the most important levels to check in the air conditioner is your coolant or freon level. A unit that is only 10% low on freon can cost up to 20% more to operate. So, you want to make sure that your coolant level is high enough to prevent extra costs. Our standard A/C check up does include a check of the freon levels as well as other important parts of the air conditioner.

There are other items you can do to help you air conditioner run smoothly throughout the year. Replace your filters every 4-6 months. Don’t buy the cheapest filter you can find, purchase a good quality filter for your unit. Keep bushes or other shrubs away from your A/C unit. This can cause your air conditioner to have trouble breathing properly, which could cause higher energy costs, repair costs and possibly a new air conditioner installation. Don’t close air supply outlets, in almost all cases this is harmful to the operation of your air conditioner.

We also offer energy auditsblower door tests and other services that will help evaluate the efficiency of your home.

Our services include the entire Dallas area. We specialize in University Park, Highland Park, Plano and Frisco.

Eastin Heating & Air has served the Dallas are for over 25 years. We stand behind our service, repairs and installations.