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Taking care of your Air Conditioner is extremely important to prevent the installation of a new Air Conditioner and to help lower your energy costs. Did you know that 40% of a typical homeowners energy expenses are comprised of heating and cooling? That is almost half of your energy cost. Here at Eastin Air we are very big proponents of regular A/C Maintenance and cleaning. Air Conditioners are just like car engines, airplanes or other mechanical devices. To run properly and efficiently they need regular maintenance.

What is the best way to take care of your air conditioner? We’ll we have a few tips for you, but to be sure your unit is properly maintained you should have a licensed technician maintain your air conditioner on a regular basis.

Check the Controls of the Air Conditioner

This may sound odd, but you want to make sure the unit turns on and off properly without any issues.

Check the Thermostat Settings

Making sure your A/C unit turns off when you leave and back on just before you get home is a good way to save on energy costs and extend the life of your air conditioner. If you leave for work at 7 AM and nobody is in your home until 6 PM, this could save you 11 hours of running your AC unit throughout the day.

Lubricate Moving Parts

Any parts that move should be properly lubricated to insure they flow and move easily. Any parts that create friction in their movement cause your air conditioner to work harder and can cause higher energy costs

Change Your Air Filters

Making sure you buy and replace quality air filters is a large part of keeping your air conditioner running smoothly. A clogged filter will cause your unit to work harder, increase your energy cost and shorten the life of your air conditioner.

Clean Condenser Coils and Evaporator Coils

Dirty coils cause your air conditioner to run longer because it cannot function well, causing increased energy costs.

If you need your air conditioner maintained, an new AC unit installed or a free home energy auditcontact Eastin Air today.

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