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You have many options for using renewable energy at home—from solar-powered outdoor lights to buying renewable energy from your utility to even producing solar electricity at home with photovoltaic (PV) cells.

One of our most popular items is a solar powered attic fan. Solar powered attic fans typically pay for themselves after 1-2 summers. How much money you will save depends on your electricity price, attic ventilation, attic insulation and your attic space. Our mission is to help provide our clients with an energy efficient home, saving them money and prolonging the life of their A/C unit. Our energy audit can help determine what areas your home could use improvement in.


Renewable Energy Tips

  • A new home provides the best opportunity for designing and orienting the home to take advantage of the sun’s rays. A well-oriented home admits low-angle winter sun to reduce heating bills and rejects overhead summer sun to reduce cooling bills. See the Heating and Cooling section for more about using passive solar energy in your home.
  • Many U.S. consumers buy electricity made from renewable energy sources like the sun, wind, water, plants, and Earth’s internal heat. This power is sometimes called “green power.” Buying green power from the utility is one of the easiest ways to use renewable energy without having to invest in equipment or take on extra maintenance.
  • Another use of solar power is for heating water. If you have a swimming pool or hot tub, you can use solar power to cut pool heating costs. Most solar pool heating systems are cost competitive with conventional systems. And solar pool systems have very low operating costs. It’s actually the most cost-effective use of solar energy.


$ Long-Term Savings Tip

  • If you’ve made your home as energy efficient as possible, and you have very high electricity bills Renewable Energy and a good solar resource, you might want to consider generating your own electricity using PV cells. New products are available that integrate PV cells with the roof, making them much less visible than older systems.

Call Eastin Air for more information on solar powered attic fans, or making your home more energy efficient. We provide free energy audits and can help you make an informed decision on improving your home.