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Prosper Air Conditioner Repair

What is Eastin?

Eastin Heating and Air is a family-owned business founded in 1984. We offer a variety of services, including Prosper Air Conditioner repairs and replacements, system check-ups, radiant barriers, insulation, home comfort audits, energy tests, and many others that help keep your system running and save you money. Whether you need a Prosper Air Conditioning replacement, repair, assessment, or a new installation, we’re ready to help!

About Us

We are BBB certified and A+ rated, so we can provide sincere service to your Prosper Air Conditioner replacement or repair needs. We stand behind the scenes and provide 10 years parts and labor warranty for all systems installed by Eastin Heating & Air. We do not charge overtime and are there for you, 24 hours a day!


Not only will you provide all these services, but you will also save money. It provides assessments, audits, and tests to help you find ways to reduce energy consumption and save on electricity bills. Call us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you save money!

Quality AC Service

Before, one of the biggest challenges for anyone considering installing an Air Conditioner has been choosing a contractor. It’s not as difficult as it used to be, as we’ve dealt with this issue for you. Prosper, Texas provides air conditioning and heating repair and installation services to ensure that a professional, with many years of experience, installs the system. Whether you need a new installation or want to repair an existing system, we’re happy to help. Tell us your needs today!

Home Energy Audit

Eastin Heating & Air is pleased to inform you that energy charges for using the service may be significantly lower. By providing high-quality roof insulation, you can save on your electricity bill. Here are some things to keep in mind about your own attic insulation:

The attic may not be sufficiently insulated to reduce the effects of outside air temperature. This can cause the air conditioner to operate more than necessary, and the electricity bill to be higher than it should be. Eastin Air helps solve this problem by providing high-quality attic insulation. The attics with multiple air leaks can be easily sealed with the right tools.


Because we have been in this community for 35 years, people should have faith in us. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust us to offer honest service for your Air Conditioner replacement or repair in Prosper. Eastin Heating & Air stands behind its work and provides a 10-year parts and labor warranty on all systems installed. We never charge extra, and we’re here for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We are the most efficient and high-quality AC repair company in the area. We’re here to assist you when you’re in need.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is also available from Eastin Air to keep your system functioning smoothly all year! We’ll come out and perform a system check to ensure that everything is in working condition, and we’ll replace any worn-out parts before they cause problems. This will save you time and money in the long term by avoiding costly repairs later on. We will always treat you as family and help you to get the most out of your Air Conditioner and Heating systems. To book your preventative maintenance service, call us today!

Energy Saving

One of our top goals at Eastin Heating & Air is to assist you in saving money! We offer assessments, audits, and testing, to assist you to uncover methods to save money on your power costs by reducing your energy consumption. We also provide high-quality attic insulation and air conditioning services to ensure that your system runs properly all year. Basically, if we are helping you save money, we are doing our company’s calling! To discover more about our services and how we can help you save money, contact us now!

Money-Saving Tips

  1. During sleep and cool-down periods, raise the temperature.
  2. Set your home’s auto cooling or heating to save electricity while you’re away.
  3. Keep your bedroom doors open for increased air movement and use a fan if your room is stuffy.
  4. A programmable thermostat is perfect for people who go away for long periods of time. You may save up to $180 a year on energy bills by properly using a programmable thermostat. This is because you can set the thermostat to a lower temperature when you are not at home.
  5. Energy Star-certified products can help you save money on your energy bill. You could save up to $200 each year depending on the product.

Contact Us

Our customers have had a 100 percent success rate with scheduled appointments for Eastin Air Prosper Air Conditioner Repair services. The phone number for Eastin Air is (972) 278-0613. Prosper Air Conditioner repairs and replacements, system check-ups, radiant barriers, insulation, home comfort audits, energy tests, and other services are among the services we provide. We’re here to assist you in keeping your system functioning well and saving money on utility bills! Thank you for putting your trust in us and we look forward to hearing from you.

Prosper Air Conditioner Conditioning Repair Service In Prosper TX
Prosper Air Conditioner Conditioning Repair Service In Prosper TX

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Whether you need an assessment, repairs, or a new installation, we're ready to help!