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Am I a good candidate for Demand Debt Relief?
The ideal candidate is a distressed consumer who is struggling to meet their financial obligations as a result of a legitimate hardship. Whether they are just making your minimum monthly payments or are behind on your accounts, our customers need help. We seek motivated individuals that want to make a serious commitment to eliminating their debt.
What kind of debt can I enroll?
We will enroll and negotiate on most forms on unsecure debt. This includes credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, and department store cards. We cannot help with any kind of debt secured by collateral (like auto loans or mortgages). We also do not accept federal student loans.
How long will my program last?
While most programs generally last from 2-4 years, this can change based on a number of factors. Things like monthly deposit amount, enrolled debt amount, and your ability to make timely payments can make program length vary.
When do you begin negotiating my debts?
We generally wait until you have enough funds accrued (about 20-30% of the current account balance) to reach out to creditors. We then use this to attempt to negotiate for about 40-50% of the amount owed. This strategy results in most customers achieving their first settlement 4-6 months into the program.
How do you collect your fees?
Demand Debt Relief does not charge any kind of upfront fees. We collect fees only when we settle your accounts. Even then, we collect fees on an account-by-account basis; if we don’t settle an account, we don’t get paid for that account. This is our way of keeping our negotiation staff committed to you and your program objectives.
Will my creditors still call while I’m enrolled in a debt settlement program?
You will still receive creditor calls early on. However, our specialized team will coach you through how to handle these calls and give you useful tricks to reduce them or eliminate them completely.
Can I negotiate my debts on my own?
It is entirely possible to handle negotiations on your own. However, our specialized negotiation staff has experience that they can put to work for YOU. Falling behind on your debts can be an extremely stressful experience; we want to help alleviate that stress by taking the negotiation burden off you. By securing you the best deals under a structured timeline, you can rest assured that your debt is being handled with the utmost care.
Will this impact my credit score?
If you are making minimum monthly payments or have fallen behind on any of your accounts, your credit score has likely already been impacted. Credit scores are complex calculations that take into account many things beyond just your debt load and whether or not you are current on your payments. Our program is designed to help remedy as many of those factors as we can to improve your overall credit worthiness. While your credit will likely be negatively impacted while enrolled in the program, we seek to put you in a better position upon graduation once your debts are paid off and reported as satisfied.