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Eastin Heating and Air is a family-owned and operated company that was established in 1984. For over 30 years, we’ve been offering air conditioning and heating repair and installation services in the Dallas region. Celina Air Conditioner repairs and replacements, system check-ups, radiant barriers, insulation, home comfort audits, energy tests, and other services help keep your system functioning and save you money. We’re ready to assist you with your Celina Air Conditioner replacement, repair, assessment, or new installation!


Here at Eastin, we provide a comprehensive array of services! We are passionate about ensuring that our customers are always served by the finest, which is why we hire only the best! And we always make certain that the servicing you require for your air conditioner or heater is within our area of competence. Listed below are a few of the services we provide:

Quality AC Repair

At Eastin, we provide high-quality air conditioning repair services. To work on your system, all of our specialists are licensed and insured. We also provide a number of other services to ensure that you are well taken care of at all times. We want you to feel at ease in your own home, which means having a functioning air conditioner or heater. We also understand the value of saving money, which is why we provide Celina Air Conditioner replacements, system check-ups, radiant barriers, insulation, home comfort audits, energy tests, and other services! Please get in touch with us right away to see how we can assist you!

Heating Repair Service

When it comes to having your heater serviced, we set the bar! Eastin Heating and Air has been providing heating repair service in the Dallas area for over 30 years. Our family-owned business is committed to ensuring that your heating system is performing at its best! There’s no need to settle for mediocre service when Eastin Heating and Air can provide the finest!

Air Scrubber Plus

Our air scrubber service is one of the things we’re most proud of. Our air scrubber is top-of-the-line and may help you enhance the air quality in your home! Our cutting-edge filtering systems will almost eliminate hazardous mold in your air. For those who suffer from allergies or asthma, this is an essential service. Mold and other contaminants can be quite dangerous, and most people are unaware of this. This problem, however, can be simply rectified with a relatively low-cost air scrubber! At Eastin Heating and Air, we’re committed to keeping your home free of hazardous mold and other indoor toxins. Our air scrubber plus is the best on the market, and our installation crew will make sure it’s put correctly in your home. To learn more about our air scrubber plus service, contact us today!

Why Should I Trust Eastin?

The Better Business Bureau has given Eastin Heating and Air an A+ rating. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating, and we work hard to keep it. We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and want you to be pleased with the results. We make every effort to maintain our work and our rating in sync!

We enjoy making our customers happy! That is why the Better Business Bureau has given us such a high rating. Our customers are our top concern, and we work hard to ensure that they are satisfied with our service at all times. Take a look at some of our customer testimonials to see what they have to say about us! One of them is as follows:

“Eastin Heating and Air provided me with fantastic service. In my house, they built a new air conditioning system. The technician was pleasant and professional. The installation went off without a hitch, and I’m extremely happy with the new system.”

– Jeffrey H.

Energy Saving
Eastin Heating and Air is dedicated to assisting you in saving energy!
We provide free advice! For example:

  1. Checking and cleaning your filters on a regular basis is one of the simplest methods to save electricity. A clogged filter can make your air conditioner work harder and consume more electricity. Keeping your filters clean can help you save money!
  2. It’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home throughout the day. You’re constantly tweaking the temperature on your thermostat, but it never seems to be quite right. Get a thermostat that can be programmed! This can help you save money on energy bills while also ensuring that your home is comfortable regardless of the season.
  3. In the winter, one of the most common routes for heat to escape from your home is through windows and doors. Sealing your windows and doors can help you save money on your energy bill! You can accomplish this in a variety of methods, but we recommend using caulk or weatherstripping. Caulk is a substance used to fill gaps and seal cracks around windows and doors. It’s available in a number of colors and is simple to apply with a caulking gun. Weatherstripping is a type of sealant used to keep the cracks around the edges of your windows and doors sealed. Rubber, foam, and vinyl are just a few of the materials accessible.
  4. Cleaning or replacing your Air Conditioner’s coil is one thing you can do to assist, and even enhance, the effectiveness of your air conditioner. The Air Conditioner’s coil is a component of the unit that aids in the cooling of the air. It will not work as well and consume more energy if it is unclean. You have the option of cleaning the Air Conditioner’s coil yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you. You may need to replace it if it is damaged or worn out. Replacing the Air Conditioner’s coil is a simple and affordable procedure that can significantly increase the performance of your air conditioner!
  5. Installing a radiant barrier is one of the most effective ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. A radiant barrier is a substance that helps keep heat out of your home in the summer and in the winter. It’s simple to set up and reasonably priced!

Thank You!

Thank you for selecting Eastin Heating and Air as your preferred Celina air conditioning repair provider! We’re dedicated to providing excellent service and want you to be pleased with the results. We make every effort to maintain our work and our rating in sync! You can reach us at (972) 278-0613, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or fill out the form and we’ll respond as soon as possible!

Celina Air Conditioner Conditioning Repair Service In Celina TX
Celina Air Conditioner Conditioning Repair Service In Celina TX

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